American Off Road Inc. was born in the USA to a group of car enthusiasts on the 5th of November, 1998.

American Off Road Inc. was born in the USA to a group of car enthusiasts on the 5th of November, 1998.


As the world was getting smaller with the inception of the internet, we started exchanging ideas predominantly with 4x4 groups around the globe and got to know how lucky we were in the USA to find nearly everything we needed at extremely affordable prices.

This is where we got the idea of creating a company that caters to the needs of 4x4 and Off Roaders around the world. We started identifying products across the globe that were reaching markets at extremely high prices; we started sourcing them, developing the logistics and supplying them at a much more reasonable price point.

With time came initiative, we started designing and commissioning production of these desperately needed parts, hence the birth of our motto "Designed with you in mind".


Today we pride ourselves in being able to assist many like-minded enthusiasts like ourselves across the globe by making good quality products affordable to everybody.

Good ideas are always good on paper but with our clients help, guidance and trust, several have been realized and many more are on the way. We thank you all for your trust in our brand and we hope you'll keep pushing us to serve you better, while enjoying the whole process that starts with enthusiasts, and ends with them!

See you soon in the wild! - The American Off-Road Team


Our Promise to you is a commitment we make to always engineer high quality products that put the focus on durability and resilience.
We promise that our customer centric approach will always put you in the center of our creation process to deliver products that exceed quality expectations and provide you with the best in the market.

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